Which Music format is supported by BYOND Mobile?

MP3/MIDI/AMR/ACC and default Mp3 Ring tones comes in every handset. For exact specs of your BYOND handsets please refer to your user manual you get along with phone. 

How to block the phone /IMEI?

Phone blocking system is not available on the BYOND phones. Block your SIM card to avoid misuse.

My BYOND mobile is stolen, what should I do?

Most BYOND mobile has unique Mobile Tracking feature (check you mobile features). If you have activated the same feature, you will start getting the SMS of MSISDN OR MDN number of the thief when he inserts his SIM OR UIM in your BYOND Mobile. You can take appropriate action after that to recover your phone. Apart from that, after theft, please call up your mobile operator customer care & get your mobile SIM or UIM number blocked immediately.

May I set my camera pictures as my display background picture?

Yes (in selected BYOND Phone, refer your user manual for same). In order to set wallpaper of the phone as the camera clicked picture please follow the following steps: In the idle mode Press Menu-»Settings-»Phone Setup-»Display Characteristics-»Wallpaper-»User Define-»Select Storage (Phone/Card)-»Select the location of storage-»Select the File to be used-»OK-»OK to set as wallpaper
Please note that wallpaper images need specific resolution (vary from mobile to mobile) , so you need to shoot image in that resolution only for better results.

Unable to access GPRS in BYOND Mobile?

Check the settings in the Handset, Most of the BYOND Handset’s Path is: - Services-> WAP-> Settings-> Edit Setting (Select the appropriate SIM 1 or 2) -> Select the profile name as per your operator OR create new one if not available. Then click on Activate. And restart the Phone Now.

How can we use phone as modem in BYOND GSM Phone?

BYOND is providing Dial-up software (BYOND PC Suit application), for almost every GSM phone.
Please check compatibility and availability of BYOND PC suit application for your BYOND Mobile contact to BYOND customer care.
• Install that software & drivers on your PC.
• Connect phone and computer via USB data Cable
• Select com port option
• Go to setting option for Dial-up connection.

Which BYOND phones Support “Phone as Modem” connectivity?

Go to website for technical specification of your phone.

My BYOND phone is having usage issues, what should I do?

BYOND has 200+ service centers across India. To locate BYOND customer Care (BCC) near your house, please visit our web site service page. You can visit our service center on all working days to rectify your phone usage issues. Secondly, you can always write to us on OR talk to us on 02041029637/19.

What document should I carry while visiting the BYOND customer Care (BCC)?

Please carry your purchase bill along with STAMPED warranty card of your BYOND mobile, as proof of purchase.

What is the price of BYOND mobile I want to buy?

Please note that Best Buy price of mobiles vary from retailer to retailer (and state to state as per TAX of that state) as they run various types of schemes. Therefore request you contact your nearest mobile phone retailer for the exact buying price.

While I open website on my phone using GPRS, square boxes appear ? Sometimes it shows insufficient memory on the display?

In most cases square boxes appear when the script language of website is not recognized by your mobile; therefore switch to English language on your website OR try opening only English language web site to avoid the issue. For 2nd query, please note that most of the Indian websites are designed keeping high PC memory in consideration and not low mobile phone memory; that is why you can open easily but not on your BYOND mobiles. That is why on few HEAVY website pages, you will see the note that phone memory is insufficient to open the website.

After inserting SIM / UIM card but my phone cannot read the card, why?

This can happen when either you have not inserted the card properly or your card is not valid, so please check for the same.


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